About me


At the very beginning I was a handyman to an excellent master who taught me even those things which cannot be learnt from books but requires a real life experience and guidance. Since 2001 I have been working in construction industry and have got all required skills and knowledge as well as experience to do any job to the highest standards and now can be called a master. During this time all my job was related to construction and I have understood that this is the job I want to do in my life - do the job you enjoy and result will be much better; this saying applies to me for sure. After having worked at construction company I tried myself at restoration work which now is also my hobby. Moreover, I see my work makes client happy and this gives me even more motivation to develop and success in this field. After starting to have an increased demand for my work I have decided to make my own business and start working independently. To maintain the high work standards I have taught my team by myself and can be sure that work will be done as required and keep customers completely satisfied.

Agnis Dampelis Interior Designer